Michael Brown, 6' 4", 292 lbs. ; Malcolm Brown, 6'2", 320 lbs. .

Michael was a troubled teen, by some accounts a petty criminal, a drug user, a bully.

Malcolm is a Defensive Tackle, the 32nd choice in the recent NFL Draft, by the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

Both of similar size, one was an unfortunate, the other very fortunate.

If only someone had been able to guide Michael along a path to fortunate circumstances.

NY Mets 90 Wins '14 Well, it didn't happen. Maybe next year.

NY Mets 90 Wins '14 Well, it didn't happen. Maybe next year.
Yes, "Ya Gotta Believe!" W 79 L 83, tied for 2nd, listed above the other team, in the NL East. At least, the Binghamton Mets are the Double A Eastern League Champions '14.

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In football, should a fumble stop play at the point of the fumble, with possession of the ball not changing ? Would the new rule result in fewer injuries, a more wide open game ?

Should Lance Armstrong have kept fighting the doping charges ?

Yankees' Star Catcher Jorge Posada to the Hall of Fame ?

Should the fans have a say, based on "one fan, one vote", in who gets elected to the various sports' Halls of Fame ?

Friday, October 25, 2013

A New Name for Washington DC's NFL Pro Football Team ?

Some don't like the team's current nickname, considering it a pejorative.

Should it be changed ?

If yes, to accommodate the justifiable preferences of the objectors, perhaps a public naming suggestion, voting, selection website may be established, or it might be done via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc..

Herewith are a few offerings to start the conversion conversation :

The Washington Reds, the Washington Skins, the Washington 'Skins, the Washington Rothskins, the Washington Natives, the Washington DCs, the Washington Ringtones, the Washington Rubies.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps keep the nickname "Redskins", but change the images from Native Americans, Native American paraphernalia, to Redskin Peanuts, and/or Redskin Potatoes ?

Anonymous said...

Shelled Redskin Peanuts ? Unshelled Redskin Peanuts ? Both ?

The 2011 Women's World Cup Soccer Championship Game was tied in regulation time. Then they had a shoot-out to determine which team won. Why not have co-champions in the circumstances of a tie in regulation time ?


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